Letting Love In

March 28, 2023

Amazing things happen when we let God’s love and light shine…

Your love never leaves
It's not who you are
Though shame screams I've lost it
You are never far

Your love never leaves
Why did I run for so long? 
Chasing after the wind
Not realizing I already belong

Your love never leaves
I can always count on you
Anxiety lifts as I loosen my grip
And put my trust in you

Your love never leaves
It only grieves
When I refuse to receive
Believing the lie "I could never please"

Your love never leaves
All it needs is a place to grow
Embraced like a lost friend
My heart overflows

Your Love ❤️ 

- Kristin Aaron

Categories: Godmoments Growth Light Love
Tags: god's love, love, receive god's love, your love never leaves,

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