A Forgotten Art

September 7, 2018

The picture hangs prominently displayed in our master bathroom. On it, a word I need to remember before the start of each day.

Many of the words come more naturally: love, dream, create.

Yet one highlighted word stands out in a sea of action oriented verbs – be.

It’s an unnatural word in a world where hustle and achievement are heralded. Get that project completed. Coordinate kids schedules and drop-off/pick-up. Make plans for next week. Try to stay connected by scrolling through social media in any spare moment. Do more.

In this fast paced and action oriented culture, we’ve become more like “human doings” rather than “human beings”.

You may have reached the tipping point if:

  • Your to-do list is as long as your social media feed.
  • Your only alone time is when you’re in the shower or bathroom.
  • You have stopped spending time with friends because you’re just “too busy”.
  • Feelings of resentment are bubbling over about so many demands and so little time.
  • You’re becoming more forgetful and can’t remember the last time you felt peace and quiet.

The great thing about “being” is it doesn’t require a soul-crushing to-do list. It just means carving out time for the productivity machine to come to a halt. And giving yourself permission to step away from the rush. Breathe in the stillness like life-saving oxygen for a tired heart.

Center your soul before the rush of the day begins. And surrender your day, your plans, your life before the one who created it all.


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