Good Times

August 16, 2015


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California.  Perfect weather.  Beautiful scenery.  Delicious food.

Once a year Sydney and I re-visit our favorite California spots and re-connect with old friends.  It’s hanging with her friends Olivia and Hailey.  Grabbing pizza at Pizza My Heart.  Drinks at the “boat” Starbucks that overlooks the bay.  Eating yummy chicken tikka masala at Khana Peña Indian restaurant.  Pure bliss.

But this year, Sydney made the trip even more memorable with a kind gesture.

We were in the grocery store when Sydney saw a balloon that made her face light up … a gigantic, colorful, mylar butterfly.  I silenced my practical side (which was whispering to me “Say no – you won’t get your money’s worth out of it”) and instead purchased the overpriced magical creation.  Joy filled Sydney’s face.  Against all odds, this balloon just became hers.

“I can’t believe you bought that balloon for me!” Sydney exclaimed.

She bear hugged the giant butterfly, it’s wings pouring over the outside of her arms.   We would transport the balloon up the elevator to our hotel room.  As the air conditioner would turn on, the butterfly balloon would dance around our hotel room.

As we were packing our bags to catch our flight home, Sydney said, “Since I can’t take my balloon with me, I want to give it to someone else to make their day”.  We took the elevator to the lobby level and walked over to the front desk.  Sydney and I let the front desk employees know she wanted to find a new home for her butterfly balloon.

The kind workers at the front desk said they would help out!  Here they are about to make a little girl’s day one to remember.

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The hotel manager was at the desk and over-heard what Sydney was doing.  So he gave us free parking.  FREE PARKING (which just so happened to cover the cost of the balloon).  You see when you give generously and freely, goodness comes back your way.

Kindness … pass it on.


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