Magically Beautiful

November 20, 2015

“Has anyone ever said you look like Linda Carter with your glasses on?”

Uh … no.  But my co-worker had unknowingly paid me the biggest compliment.  My mind flashed back to one of my favorite childhood memories.  Linda Carter played my childhood hero … Wonder Woman.

She is the ultimate woman.  Binding up criminals with her golden rope.  Protecting and saving innocent people with her golden bullet-proof cuffs (which were not only life-saving but stylish).  Strong.  Magical.  Beautiful.

When I was seven, my creative mom helped make my childhood obsession a reality with a hand-made, dreamy costume – a red top with golden eagle crest, a blue bottom with white stars, super hero cape, golden cuffs & crown, and a golden rope.  A definite winner for Halloween costume of the century!

wonder woman 2

I can still remember the feelings of beauty and strength this Wonder Woman costume evoked.  With my amazing costume and Wonder Woman power stance, I got to become her for a day … and it felt AMAZING.

If only I could be her every day.

Helping others escape harm.  Protecting those I love with magical bracelets where bullets bounce off like ping-pong balls.  Winning others over with my super-human powers.

But trying to be Wonder Woman is like trying to become a flying unicorn that poops rainbows.  It’s chasing the impossible dream.

“She’s divine.  She’s magic.  And she didn’t have to wait on anyone to tell her in order for her to believe that about herself.  And that’s what made her so magically beautiful.”     – R. Bittar

So while being compared to Linda Carter may be my most flattering celebrity look-a-like comment EVER, I’ll stick to embracing imperfect me.

And keep remembering an important truth: God can use our human imperfections in magically beautiful ways.



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2 Responses to “Magically Beautiful”

  1. Cheri says:

    Your blog instantly infuses my day with inspiration and positive energy. So your strengths are more powerful than Wonder Women. You’re beautiful both inside and outside. I hope you and your family enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving.

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