The Best Gift Of All

May 12, 2018

Your belly became the place I first got to know you. The thump of your heartbeat, your beautiful voice, the rhythm of your soul. You made me feel safe and gave me a place to grow. You were there.

I made my way into this brave new world. Wide eyed and uncertain. Bright lights, big smiling faces, and cool crisp air. You were there.

I began toddling around. Curiosity reigned. Exploring every drawer and floor. Drawn to electrical sockets as a bug is to the light. You stuck to me like glue. You were there.

Carpool lanes, backpacks, and school bells came next. I learned how to make friends. Got bullied. And learned which friends to keep. You were there.

Puberty hit along with hormones and zits. I threw fits of different sorts. Somehow you transformed overnight from someone who knew everything to someone who knew nothing. You were there.

As young adulthood approached, I exercised my freedom. Navigating the precarious line sometimes a bit too close to the edge. You always said call if I needed you, “No questions asked”. One night I called for a ride. You were there.

My first place on my own. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. You hauled carloads of clothes and stuff. Here and there. Up and down stairs. You were there.

I called to let you know the news. It finally happened … I met “the one”! We planned and you ran around town helping make it a day I’d never forget. As I walked down the aisle, your smile radiated at who I’d become and would become in the future. You were there.

Life came full circle as my belly grew. We welcomed the new additions with open arms just like you did so many years ago. Dirty diapers, tired happy hearts, and lots of questions. You were there.

Through all of life’s stages and pages, you’ve always been there. Pouring everything out with a tender and forgiving heart. I’ve always known you cared because you were there.

Whatever comes next, I’ll never face it alone because your spirit lives inside me. You filled me with the best gift of all – YOU. You are there.

I love you mom. Happy Mother’s Day!



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