Enough With the Fear Factor

July 1, 2017

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek.”     — Joseph Campbell

Fear can hold us back from some of the most exhilarating joy we’ll ever experience.  Fear whispers lies at us:

“You can’t do that.”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Don’t even bother.  You’ll just fail.”

Like a bully at the playground, fear pounces just as we get the courage to try something new like the monkey bars.  Fear taunts reminding us we feel uncomfortable.  Out of control.  Inexperienced.  It tries to bind us up like a steer roped in a rodeo and hold us back from doing things we really love.

One thing I’ve always loved is music.  Powerful music cuts straight through to the heart.  My brain stores lyrics like novels of poetry.  Songs bring out the emotions of different seasons of life like a rallying cry to persevere when facing adversity, stay strong when feeling beaten down, or breakthrough on the journey to freedom.

I’d sing in the shower, the car, in the aisles of Target, but definitely NOT in front of a group of people.  Maybe with a choir where I could hide out in the background.  But definitely not solo.  I’m no “Voice” contestant.  And who wants a spotlight highlighting your every vulnerable note as bunch of people stare you down and make you feel naked?

I’d always admired people who had the courage to get up on a stage and pour out their heart through music.  I even gave it a brief try in a work band when we lived in Australia.  Then I got scared again.

Fast forward eight years.

A couple months after our son Jenson passed away, I decided enough is enough with the fear factor.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Massive embarrassment or failure?  While not pleasant, not life threatening either.

So my daughter Sydney and I joined the kids worship team at our church.  I started in the background, and now can lead a weekend service for the kids.  Dancing, singing, and helping kids worship God.  A powerful, purposeful rush and something I’m honored to be a part of.  But it never would have happened without a courage pill.

What is that thing you’ve always wanted to do or try?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of owning your own business.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel abroad.  Or coach your child’s sports team.  Or start a blog. Or speak in front of a group.  Or start a non-profit.

Whatever “that thing” is for you, take that first step.  Do it scared.  Body slam that fear to the ground.  Don’t let fear win.  Claim victory and discover a hidden treasure on the other side of fear.

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