Home For The Holidays

December 21, 2015

It’s time to bring the family together

To mark this special time of the year

You gather around the Christmas tree

As you open gifts and remember


The gifts range from scarves to pjs to watches

And toys for the kids to play

The presents all opened and paper around

Could this be the highlight of the day?


Then the stories start about your Uncle

Who farts away as he sleeps

And everyone breaks into laughter

When his son says, “P.S. It stinks!”


The memories continue with a story about mom

In Hawaii on an unpaved road

Hours in the car with too much water

And palm trees that acted as “cover”


The new puppy is racing all around

Barking and wanting to play

Chasing the soccer ball around the room

And running when you tell her to stay


The kids play chase throughout the house

Circling the kitchen island

They belly laugh all smiles and giggles

While running, ducking, and hiding


The memories stay like pictures

Imprinted in your brain

But gifts are often forgotten

Over time becoming just plain


Remember it’s togetherness that matters

From it emerge hidden treasures

Memories and stories never die

They unite families forever



Categories: Family Friendship
Tags: family, stories, together,

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