Golden Anniversary

September 20, 2015


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It was a celebration … a golden celebration.  A milestone most never reach.  Fifty years of marriage.

“What kind of party do you want?” I asked my mom.

“I just want my family to be together,” she answered.

And together we were.  We hosted at our house.  Sydney loves a party, so we went into serious party planning mode.  Balloons, cake, decorations.  A gourmet meal by my husband “Chef Doug”.

But most importantly, our whole family was together.  Siblings, spouses, and grandchildren (who are always the life of the party!).  My mom cried tears of joy that she could celebrate 50 years with her husband, kids, and extended family.

Through the years, my parents have operated as a great team – my dad the steady engineer (more reserved with nerves of steel) and my mom the creative teacher (and the life of the party).  They have poured their love into each other and our family.  They have been committed to love through the laughter and tears.  Life brings ups and downs.

“What’s your secret to making it 50 years together?” I asked curiously.

My parent’s both had the same response.

“One day at a time,” they agreed.

You make it to 50 years together one day at a time.  Not judging what your spouse is struggling with each day – simply by loving them where they are.  Not worrying about tomorrow.  Not worrying about yesterday.  Just taking life one day at a time.

“One day becomes two days, and two days becomes three, and over time days become years.  One day at a time.  Next thing you know you’ve made it to 50 years,” my mom continued.

One day became 18,250 days of marriage on Sept 5, 2015 for my parents.  Thank you mom and dad for making it to 50 years – one day at a time.

We love you!


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  1. Terry says:

    Happy anniversary Aunt Joan and Uncle Larry! What a milestone!

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