Grace for the Holiday Griever (Part 3 of 3)

December 23, 2017

Receiving Grace (Part 3 of “Grace for the Holiday Griever” blog series)

No amount of presents under the tree or holiday glad tidings could fill the void. Everything seemed immaterial. It was our first Christmas without our son, and life felt empty and hallow.

During this time, God revealed his deep love for the grieving heart.

It showed up in special cards from people who hadn’t forgotten. In nurses who had cared for Jenson calling to let us know they miss him and love our family. In family members who honored our son with donations to organizations committed to finding a cure for the disease that took his life. In friends reaching out to say, “We love you and are praying for you this holiday season.”

These seemingly small gestures made a world of difference because they represented something every griever needs to remember: You’re not alone on this journey.

God sees you. He hears your cry for mercy. And He wants to comfort your hurting heart.

Grace breathes light and life into darkness. Birthed out of unconditional love on Christmas day many years ago, this gift forever changed the course of life.

“In this world there will be trouble but do not fear for I have overcome the world.”                        – Jesus

As you grieve your loved one this holiday season, lean into the only one who can provide lasting light and life. A Savior who wants to wrap his arms around you and gently whisper, “I know your pain. I love you and your broken heart.”

Receive this unconditional gift, and let it breathe life into your heart this holiday season.

I am here for you

I have been here since the beginning

You matter

I know you


My love is beyond reason

Impossible to contain

Possible to receive

I love you


My love is unconditional

Nothing can make me stop loving you

I will never leave you

I am love


I know you

I love you

I am love


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